I will follow my mind
like the dance that follows the song
like the river that runs its course
like the fire that burns and burns

I will follow my mind 
like the tender bird that wakes up at dawn
to sing of the plenitude of harvest
and the certitude of rain

I will burn the midnight oil
to last till the morning hours
a voyager on a quest
for the true meaning of life

I will search the vast oceans
ruffle the feathers of mountains
seeking words in silent plains
giving names to nameless babes

I will touch the lonely trees
make them breathe and dance again
scan the magical horizons
firming the bricks of dreams
for my new house of words

I will follow my mind 
till dreams cease to die
till I light the flame 
and open the doors 
of beautiful gardens 
where wisdom grows 
of cavernous rooms 
where knowledge opens its arms 
like a happy loving mother 
urging her child to come on 
and be smothered.

I will follow my mind
to where victory stands tall 
like a strong soldier
and the storehouse of abundance
flows like an endless  river.

I will follow my mind
till I strengthen my voice
till I build myself
into a castle that will never fall.


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